Today there was a snow day and school was cancelled. I was actually pretty productive and did some homework and also played Animal Crossing New Leaf and nap for the rest of it. But I got bored of doing homework, napping, and playing video games, so I decided to try picking up purling again. While I don’t have pictures of the practice purls I did, I do have pictures of the new scarf I’m working on (for myself *cough cough* >.>).

This is stockinette stitch actually, which is a combo of both knit and purl stitch. The picture on the left shows the knitted side, while the picture on the right shows the purled side. 

Edit: And I figured out why I was having trouble the last time I was trying to learn how to purl. It’s because I had cast on using knit stitch, which is what was confusing me. In my practice trial of purling, I found a video that explained how to cast on using purling, and that worked so much better. 

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